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July 28, 2010


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For the people, like me, that came from other places to live the experience of Silicon Valley it is unbelievable the amount of things that you find in this place like:

- The openness of the people to get together with foreigner to learn how to do things abroad.
- the way that the people face to fail. Other place you quit after the first time you fail. Here in the Silicon Valley you are more valuable while you fail more and keep the interest to succeed.
- the interest of people looking for the next big thing is always on the top of the list

An much more attitudes and resources. These things will take centuries to change in other places, therefore to create an other Silicon Valley will be almost impossible.

Now, creating multinational startups is something that is happening today and will happen more and more every day. This is the real opportunity to be in there. It is a challenge but it is doable.


Philippe, you are absolutely right. Silicon Valley developed over 50 years without any real political or individual decision. It is a lively ecosystem which sucessfully managed inventions such as the transistor, the computer, the internet or dna technologies whereas many other regions miss the point that inventions are not commercial innovations. There is also this unique entrepreneurial spirit that we have not developed in Europe. People who have experienced Silicon Valley just know it is unique and can not be replicated in the short term. I published a book on the topic 3 years ago and things have not changed since, and worse, I am not sure things have improved in Europe in the last 10 years even it it is much better than 20 years ago. It only I could be convinced that young people consider the startup route as a "career" path in addition to academic or corporate careers, I would feel much better, we have still have a long way to go...

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